Having a strong online brand is a necessity now. It’s no longer website first, it’s social media first.

  • Connect to yourself and become magnetic in how you show up online.
  • Stand out in your industry.
  • Set yourself apart and create an exceptional brand.

    It’s not about what you do, it’s about the space you create and how people feel when they experience your brand.

    Social media is an energetic exchange and Instagram serves as the little windows into the soul of your business.
    Social Media draws people in, the people that are meant to be on your mission with you.

    In this Masterclass we will be discussing your brand and how to express it fully.

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Meet Dr. Jessica Emery

Creatrix and mentor to visionary leaders.

Wife and mom to 3 kiddos, creatrix and 7 figure brand and business mentor to visionary women.

I am obsessed with growing female founded companies. I have grown multiple businesses that range from seven figure brick and mortar, service based, digital products and courses, and coaching. Once I learned how to follow my passions and scale without myself being the one to do the work solely, that is when things started to unlock in my life and business.  I now pour those experiences into mentoring other women who are ready to manifest their dreams through iconic brands and energetics.

It's time to step into your power and create the life of your dreams!


✨ You have started a business to make a difference.

You know you are meant for something bigger and want to make an impact.

✨ Your communication style needs to match your essence to be seen and heard.

Let’s talk about why an online brand is necessary now and how to draw people into your magic.


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