Ever feel like you have to "play nice" in order to get the positive attention and accolades you want?


That's called perfectionism, and it can be paralyzing. 

Even if you feel like it's been working for you, deep down you might wonder if you even know who YOU actually are.

The Patterns of Perfectionism are constantly working in the background and believe it or not, this striving is actually holding you back.

In this masterclass, we will have an intimate conversation around the performance-based identity that many women get lost in. We will touch on:


In adopting the world’s culture for performance measures and allowing people outside of us to dictate our "worth" we’ve lost  o u r s e l v e s . 

And it’s no freakin' wonder we don’t feel truly fulfilled.


Yes! I'm Ready to BREAK the Pattern!

Dr. Jessica


Steffie D.


This is a journey of self-exploration and you will be asking yourself some hard questions. The topics we go over in the mastermind will help you get honest about what *YOU* want out of life so you can take back your power.

Full transparency: some questions will feel impossible to answer at first. But that's how you know you've hit on something.

A lot of people feel attached to the idea of being a perfect wife, mother, business owner, or leader. It becomes our identity and we develop a pattern of putting others first as a way to get there.

Your life is YOURS and it's time for you to live it on YOUR terms. Dive in with us and see what making that kind of pivot can look like for your future.


Are You Ready To Go DEEP With Us? 


During our conversation, we'll focus on 3 core foundational themes that help break the patterns of perfectionism so you can truly define yourself in your home and business life.


The PATTERNS AND PERFECTIONISM MASTERCLASS will explore what perfectionism looks like, how it impacts your happiness, and how you can move past it in a way that feels authentic and true to you. 

You will get real, live, immediate guidance to powerfully shift into, and access, your own truth so you can begin living your life... instead of everyone else’s.

We will share the 3 CORE THEMES that will become the foundation of defining who you are, how you choose to live, what you teach your family, and how you navigate your relationships.

And, of course, we talk Alchemy!

It's time for you to let go of ...

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Meet Dr. Jessica Emery

Creatrix and mentor to visionary leaders.

Wife and mom to 3 kiddos, creatrix and 7 figure brand and business mentor to visionary women.

I am obsessed with growing female founded companies. I have grown multiple businesses that range from seven figure brick and mortar, service based, digital products and courses, and coaching. Once I learned how to follow my passions and scale without myself being the one to do the work solely, that is when things started to unlock in my life and business.  I now pour those experiences into mentoring other women who are ready to manifest their dreams through iconic brands and energetics.

It's time to step into your power and create the life of your dreams!

Meet Steffie D.

Self-leadership mentor and coach to women.

I am a wife, celebrating 25 years of marriage next month, a mom to 2 twenty-year-old young men, and a Self-leadership Mentor and Coach to women of influence

My work helps women deepen their connections with self, others, and personal expression, within the context of intimate life relationships, so that she can finally discover, ask for, and receive, all the sensuality from life that she desires. Helping women create an #EverydayLUXE life is one of my greatest passions. As I discovered years ago, we must begin to understand and lead ourselves before we can develop deeper connections to life and relationships, in the way we desire. 

This is where the magic of manifestation begins! 

Join us now if you're finally ready to release the patterns of perfection that have been holding you back.

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