Ever feel like the people in your life are making it realllllly difficult for you to live up to your potential?


As a woman in business, you have TONS of responsibilities... but sometimes it feels like the people around you are making your progress difficult by undermining you, talking behind your back, or just having a negative attitude. 

When people speak to you in a way that feels disrespectful and dismissive or don't see all of the hard work you're doing, it's a total buzzkill. You start to internalize it and you might even begin to question your effectiveness.



Things happen in our lives every. single. day. that challenge us. Because we are go-getters, we're constantly being triggered by circumstances, words, or people who want to hold us back because of their own insecurities.

When we can properly IDENTIFY our triggers, we unlock a level of TRUST that allows us to easily conquer them.

In our daily lives, we don’t realize how this pattern plays out. We don't see how the stories we tell about ourselves teach other people how to treat us (and sometimes how take advantage of us).

It's time to take ownership of what — and who — is controlling the narrative in your life. To identify WHY you have such strong reactions to certain things. Then, it's time to re-write that narrative so you can do what you want, when you want, without anyone standing in your way.

Dr. Jessica


Steffie D.



Are You Ready to 'Go There' With Us? 


This kind of work is so incredibly powerful but it also requires you to be a little vulnerable. Watch the transformation that happens when you decide to get curious and do the work!


In this Masterclass, we will dive deep into these topics (and more):


💫 How to uncover who's really making you angry (and yes, sometimes it is going to be yourself).

💫 What the actual feeling is that you’re feeling, and how to make it feel better.

💫 How to prevent people from triggering you so you can focus on living your life.

💫 Some new ways to respond to triggers when they arise so you feel more empowered and in control.

💫 How to identify your personal trigger sequence so you can identify it and more importantly, disarm it.

💫 And, of course, how to uncover the powerful sequence of alchemy that transforms your TRIGGERS into TRUST!

This is the final masterclass in our powerful series designed to lead you into a deep understanding of yourself and the patterns that are standing in the way of your daily joy!

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Meet Dr. Jessica Emery

Creatrix and mentor to visionary leaders.

Wife and mom to 3 kiddos, creatrix and 7 figure brand and business mentor to visionary women.

I am obsessed with growing female founded companies. I have grown multiple businesses that range from seven figure brick and mortar, service based, digital products and courses, and coaching. Once I learned how to follow my passions and scale without myself being the one to do the work solely, that is when things started to unlock in my life and business.  I now pour those experiences into mentoring other women who are ready to manifest their dreams through iconic brands and energetics.

It's time to step into your power and create the life of your dreams!

Meet Steffie D.

Self-leadership mentor and coach to women.

I am a wife, celebrating 25 years of marriage next month, a mom to 2 twenty-year-old young men, and a Self-leadership Mentor and Coach to women of influence

My work helps women deepen their connections with self, others, and personal expression, within the context of intimate life relationships, so that she can finally discover, ask for, and receive, all the sensuality from life that she desires. Helping women create an #EverydayLUXE life is one of my greatest passions. As I discovered years ago, we must begin to understand and lead ourselves before we can develop deeper connections to life and relationships, in the way we desire. 

This is where the magic of manifestation begins! 

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